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In 2016 I self-published my first record as The Arcadian Earth, called Handpan Solos for Summer Stars.  It's a simple collection of three extended pieces for solo handpan, and highly improvisational.  The album features a BEllArt pan and a Pantheon Steel Halo, with a bit of Paiste Mars gong on the last track.  The first piece is broken into 6 parts, collectively known as "Bob's Theme" and dedicated to my dog Bob. 

Look out for new music very soon!


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The main hubs for Arcadian Earth community discussions, supporters, and fans have been Facebook and YouTube.  But I have a new place for those who want more music, videos, and those optimistic Arcadian vibes...

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Each monthly Pan Bath will be about 15-30 minutes long, so this will be a LOT of music coming your way!  My Pan Bath sound journeys are made for relaxation and meditation, mostly improvisational, and can include a large variety of instruments and different handpan scales.  But Patreon supporters will also get exclusive access to videos and handpan tutorials, cover songs, demos, remixes, secret shows, merch, and other special members-only perks and giveaways!  And you get early access to all other future Arcadian Earth albums and releases. 

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