What's a Pan Bath℠? What will I experience?


               A Pan Bath℠ is my handpan-centric version of a sound bath, or sound journey.  These concerts are almost 100% improvisational, the sound and music is allowed to breath and flow naturally.  Handpans are the main focus, but many instruments are also utilized, especially my Paiste Mars Planetary gong, shruti box, and flutes and ocarinas.  There could be some vocal toning, didgeridoo, singing bowls, tuning forks, frame drums, etc.  

             These concerts are very popular at yoga studios and holistic wellness centers, which benefit from the smaller, intimate spaces and limited number of participants (10-50 people, usually).  Participants are encouraged to lay down and close their eyes, allowing themselves to go into a deep relaxation, even deep meditation. But there are no rules to what you can or should experience at an Arcadian Earth Pan Bath℠ sound journey.  I am not a healer or a guru!  But I can show you some amazing sonic "locations" you may have never been to before, through the power of vibration, which comes from the instruments and from within. 


               You could possibly have a profound journey through the astral dimension, or you could fall asleep!  Or you could have a deep relaxation, every cell down to your core gently oscillating in peace.  Or you could hover in theta brainwave pattern and have a great insight or epiphany into your life, an idea, or a problem.  Or you could be assisted by the music to more easily enter into the realms of meditation, clearing the mind, or focusing on the breath, or perhaps an active meditation and contemplation on peace or compassion or gratitude or love.  Or you could just enjoy the music and daydream (a personal favorite!).  Or maybe you will shake loose some old issue that's been haunting you, which could be somewhat uncomfortable, but natural, when these old blocks are released (even if it brings you to tears, its always worth it in the end, to begin to work through and resolve the issue and bring it fully into the conscious mind). 

               Again I am NOT a healer or a guru.  I can only take you to a vibrational doorway in which you will have to decide where it goes, and whether or not you should walk through it.  Most people report having an inspiring experience, somewhere in between relaxation, dreaming, and pure musical enjoyment. 


               I encourage everyone to be as comfortable as they can during the sound baths.  You will want to bring a yoga mat, or maybe a camping pad, to lay down on during the music.  You may also want a pillow and a blanket to make yourself as comfortable as possible.  Then you can take the experience in whatever direction you choose, or let go and let the music take you where it will!  You really can't go wrong either way.  Check my calendar for Pan Baths if you want to experience it for yourself!  You may be a little unsure of what to expect for your first Bath or two, but once you've gotten somewhat familiar with it, you can really go deeper and deeper into the experience.

See you in the sound circles!  

- Josh