Meet the Arcadians:

             I always envision this project incorporating many different musicians and friends to add new layers of depth to the journey, atmosphere, and overall experience of the music.  The Arcadian Earth is always open to new sounds and collaborations!

Josh Workman

-Organic/Free-Range Musician and Leader of the Arcadians

Brief History


               I grew up playing alto sax and teaching myself piano, and eventually guitar and singing by my early teens.  I played in bands in my late teens (punk, metal) and started home-studio recording.  By my 20's I was studying the science and physics of the therapeutic and meditative possibilities within sound and music. 

              I have continued to be fascinated with the study of consciousness, meditation, inter/inner-dimensional travel, out-of-body and near-death experiences, lucid dreaming, Shamanism, and ancient cultures and history.  My main instrument these days is the handpan, as well as guitar, gong, and singing.


  • Associates of Arts Degree - Front Range Community College, Westminster, CO

  • Certificate in Sound Therapy (186 hour) - Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness

  • Level 1 Certificate: Foundations of Integral Sound Healing - Colour of Sound Institute 
  • Attuned to Level II Reiki, by Lisa Guyman. 
  • Founder of Phantom Forest Music, Limited and The Arcadian Earth
  • Co-founder of Steel Mountain Handpan Gathering (Annual handpan gathering in Colorado)
  • Self-published my first album as The Arcadian Earth in 2016: Handpan Solos for Summer Stars
  • I've had the privilege and opportunity to take classes and workshops with many of my favorite musicians and sound therapists. 


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Less-Brief History

                  Hi!  My name is Josh and I am the founding member of The Arcadian Earth.  I always think of this project as an optimistic, idealistic vision for the future of our planet, living in harmony and balance with nature and each other.  I'm often asked why I choose to use a "band name" if I'm the only member!  I don't think of the name as my name or even a stage name or alter-ego.  It's more like a personal philosophy I hold, a vision, a dream, maybe the name of a book.  Plus I think it's fun to name things in general and give them an identity and life of their own. 

                  I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and have lived on the Front Range my whole life.  I've always been totally obsessed with music!  I've always gone in my own, unique direction, in music and in life in general.  I've never been in much of a hurry, but now I really feel like I have something to share with the world, something no one else can express quite like I do.  Sometimes it is very specific!  Sometimes I explore... 

                  I grew up singing along to The Beach Boys, Roy Orbison, and Charlie Pride and teaching myself piano, and eventually guitar.  I played Alto Sax starting in 5th grade, on through High School Concert and Marching Band.  I played in punk bands, then metal bands by by late teens.  I also started my journey with home-studio recording and got my first 4-track tape recorder when I was 16.  But when writing songs for myself, I would always gravitate to the styles of my biggest influences:  James Taylor, Paul Simon, Radiohead, Sigur Rós, Beatles, Talking Heads, Nirvana, Enya...  Enya!  She has got to be my all-time favorite musician.  She just takes me off to another realm of forests and magic and adventures and journeys across the sea.  I want to have that magic in my music, the expression of pure beauty, timelessness, sorrow, and hope all at the same time!

                 So by my 20th birthday, I was ready to focus on my own music, explore, and find my own style and my own voice.  At this time I also became very interested in meditation, philosophy, spiritual practices, Shamanism, lucid dreaming, near-death experience, and all sorts of other mysterious metaphysical and unexplained phenomenon.  At the same time, naturally, I began using music and sound for relaxation, meditation, and even practicing things like lucid dreaming and out-of-body-experiences. 

               This led me to learn new instruments like Himalayan singing bowls, wood flutes and ocarinas, didgeridoo, gongs, and eventually handpans.  But once I found handpans in 2013, they immediately became the central focus, the missing piece!  I really have not thought about much else since this time.  I have dedicated all my free time to learning and exploring these wonderful instruments!  It's finally time to share what I've found... 

                  See you in the sound circles,